RBA Set of 2-Step Siberican Care Programme Oblepikha and Pine Natural Certified Toothpastes


RBA Set of 2-step Siberian care program Oblepikha and Pine Natural Certified toothpastes
1st step – morning oblepikha toothpaste

1st step. This natural certified toothpaste provides excellent care for your teeth and gums all day long. Enriched with Altai oblepikha oil, organic Limonnik Nanai extract and vitamin E, it strengthens gums, leaving them feeling strong.

2nd step – Siberian pine toothpaste for lasting freshness and radiance in the evening.
2nd step. This natural certified toothpaste, enriched with organic Siberian pine and sage extracts gently cares for your mouth and gums. It leaves your teeth naturally radiant and your breath feeling fresh all night long.

Weight 0.80 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 6 mm

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