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Planeta Organica products are certified by ECOCERT COSMOS ORGANIC and Vegan.

We DO NOT use parabens, SLS, mineral oils, petrochemicals, PEG, GMOs in our products.


A well-known certification system registered by an independent organization in France in 1991. It regulates the process and production technology of environmentally friendly products and is engaged in certification of cosmetics, household products, food, etc.

The presence of the ECOCERT certificate (EcoCert) is a guarantee of natural origin and environmental cleanliness of products. Today, ECOCERT is an international organization and its certificate is recognized in more than 80 countries.

The ECOCERT certificate guarantees comprehensive and strict control during all stages of production, including: The ecological cleanliness of the lands on which special raw materials are grown, the technology for processing them, all stages of the production of products and their composition, packaging, labeling, storage and transportation.

Ecocert Ecocert


- 95% of the ingredients of cosmetics of natural origin;
- The content of organic components in the composition: 20% for indelible cosmetics, 10% for washable;
- ECOCERT certified cosmetics do not contain synthetic preservatives, artificial colors and perfumes, petroleum products and mineral oils, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate, silicones, animal feed or GMOs.


Guaranteed absence of animal components in products.

Vegan is a globally recognised vegetarian standard. Veganism is the most strict form of vegetarianism, which fundamentally and completely excludes animal products from the diet and professes rejection of any derived materials of animal origin.

Vegan Standard Requirements:

Lack of ingredients and additives of animal origin.
No derivatives or components of animal origin were used at all stages of the production of the product.
The final product, as well as its individual components, did not pass animal testing. The manufacturer forbids all controlled entities and structures from conducting such tests.
When creating and manufacturing a product, the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) containing animal genes is prohibited.
The procedure for obtaining the right to place the Vegan logo on your products is quite complicated. The manufacturing company must undergo strict control of the entire production chain, starting with the sources of raw materials, then the production itself and ending with storage and transportation.