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Introducing The Alladale Collection
Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

By Klhoe Crouch

All the way from the Wilderness in the Scottish Highland, Natura Siberica presents our brand new Alladale Collection.

With 100 square kilometers of rugged mountains, forests, rivers and lochs, Alladale Wilderness Reserve is located in the heart of the Scottish Highlands. Sensitively managed with strong conservation and restoration objectives it is the home of pioneering projects, including a ‘re-wilding’ policy to restore native flora and fauna for the benefit of the natural world and future generations. Read more about Alledale here.


This collection will have your senses indulged with the extract of Scottish Wild Thistle contained in every product. Carefully selected ingredients ensure this collection is as luxurious as the site it is derived from. With added benefits of  having completely vegan ingredients, having Cosmos Natural Certification and a 99% natural origin, the Alledale collection is one to pamper yourself with.

 The collection includes invigorating bath, body and hair products that will leave you truly refreshed.


Alladale Scottish Wild Thistle Firming Natural Body Cream

Created to firm skin, this body cream contains Wild Thistle extract which intensely moisturises skin, while Organic Siberian Fir extract provides the skin with a boost of vitamins.

Alladale Scottish Wild Thistle Modelling Natural Body Scrub

Crafted to cleanse and define skin, this body scrub contains Wild Thistle extract that intensely moisturises the skin and Siberian Ashberry extract that provides it with a range of vitamins.

Alladale Scottish Wild Thistle Moisturising Natural Shower Gel

This certified natural shower gel contains Organic Thistle Extract which intensively moisturises the skin whilst Siberian Ashberry Extract provides it with a intensive vitamin boost.

Alladale Scottish Wild Thistle Nourishing and Repairing Natural Hand Cream

Certified natural, this hand cream contains Wild Thistle extract that  intensely moisturises skin and Siberian Rhodiola Rosea extract helps to increase firmness and elasticity of skin. This natural remedy will leave your hands feeling smooth and soft.

Alladale Scottish Wild Thistle Repairing Natural Conditioner

Our Repairing Natural Conditioner contains Wild Thistle extract which deeply moisturises whilst organic Siberian Juniper extract improves the strength of your hair.

Alladale Scottish Wild Thistle Repairing Natural Shampoo

The Alladale Repairing Natural Shampoo contains Wild Thistle extract which cleanses and moisturises whilst organic Siberian Juniper extract improves the strength of your hair. Indulge and cleanse your hair with this rejuvenating, gentle yet effective Shampoo.

Alladale Scottish Wild Thistle Repairing Natural Hair Mask

Designed to repair and condition damaged hair, Wild Thistle extract will deeply moisturise the hair and Siberian Cedar extract works to make hair stronger and healthier. Give your hair a deep conditioning treatment with our Repairing Natural Hair Mask and feel the benefits of our natural yet powerful ingredients.



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