Natura Siberica

Developed especially for Natura Siberica. Fresh Spa encompasses a unique range of products for Body & Hair for both salon and home use.

From natural cedar, warm volcanic stones and the wild northern berries and herbs, the magic of Siberian ingredients with their healing power are all assembled in FRESH SPA by Natura Siberica. Immerse yourself in the experience of health and beauty and escape from the daily hustle and bustle of life to find inner harmony.

At the salon, a FRESH SPA therapist will mix the products taking into account your individual wishes and requirements. They will inform you about each unique ingredient, carefully selected, collected manually and delivered directly from those regions where it was extracted. Sakhalin berries and blue clay from Altai Lake Yarovoy, Omul from Baikal, Yak milk from Tuva, berries, herbs and honey – all from the purest regions of Altai and Khakassia, algae Wakame from the Japanese and Okhotsk seas.

FRESH SPA specialists have mastered the delicacies of massage technologies, traditional Siberian ceremonies and bathing techniques from Altai and Khakass masters. Our therapists will design a specific program suitable for you and offer products for home care and prolonged effect from the SPA experience in the salon.

Massages, peelings, wraps, facial, body and hair care. Figure correction programs, as well as individual programs for the whole day, the choice is solely and uniquely yours.

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